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  • Donald Rust
    commented 2015-12-06 16:54:35 -0800
    James, hope to see you on Sunday, December 13th @ 2 pm @ Desert Greens Clubhouse for LWVPV meeting and election of officers and dues collecfion for 2016.
  • Mr. Lynn Gibbons
    commented 2015-11-06 10:29:06 -0800
    Assemblyman Oscarson, I see in the PVT that you are up for re-election, well you won’t be getting my vote ever again along with Gov. Sandoval, if I wanted tax increases I would have voted for a Democrat.
  • Andun Pratt
    commented 2015-10-26 15:09:00 -0700
    i have had a problem at school with my necklace that i have been wearing for the past 4 years were i was told to take it off in no sense has it even been threatend to be used as a weapon it is a bullet that has no primer and has been drilled out PS you know me well you use to sneek up on me in lins in logandale when i was little
  • Douglas Hill
    commented 2015-09-11 21:33:46 -0700
    Is there anything being done about the closure of the hospital in Tonopah? With some of the health issues that alot of us have in the outlying towns, it is real scary that there is no help close by. I live 50 miles from Tonopah as it is.
  • Sharon Braun-Pope
    commented 2015-09-08 10:46:58 -0700
    To whom it may concern;

    I am writing to you today so that I may voice my frustrations with the long term care community in this state. My job as a social worker at an acute care hospital is to find placement for many of our patients. Some of these patients are brought in by there familes or caregivers. Some are “dropped off” by a long term care facility that is not able to handle their care, usually a mental health, dementia or a non-compliant issue. After the patient is medically clear, the nursing home often refuses to take them back, stating there are no beds available.

    At this moment there are approximately 16 persons waiting for either a guardian, institutional Medicaid and/or placement. The Public Guardians office in Clark County takes about 6 months to get a patient approved. Medicaid takes about 4 or more months for approval. Both of these entities approvalsl are based on if we have all the information required. If we don’t, the patients are denied, hence their stay is much longer. Out of these 16 persons that are here waiting for placement, only one has full mental capacity. The rest have had psychiatric assessment by qualified psychiatrists and are found to be without capacity to make their own medical decisions and a surrogate decision make must be assigned to these people.

    Let me explain about some of these patients. Most are homeless. They have been on the streets drinking and/or using drugs for many years. Normally Metro brings them to our emergency department where they are medically cleared by a physician. However, they do not have the capacity part and therefore are not able to be safely discharged back out into the community. Once we have the psychiatrist deem them to be without capacity, we look for family and we rarely find anyone that knows the person. We try to find out as much as possible about the person, income, if they have insurance, where they come from, etc. We apply in their behalf for SSI, SSD or SSA if they don’t have it and that is IF we can find a name, date of birth and a social security number. We then apply for a guardian and institutional Medicaid. Herin lies an issue we have been having. When Medidcaid finally approves them for Fee For Service Medicaid, or straight medicaid, within a month, they are then moved to an HMO, either HPN Smart Choice or Amerigroup. Then, because these people do not have a skilled need, meaning they are not going to a nursing home for therapy, wound care, etc., just long term care, the HMO’s won’t pay for them to go. So we have to spend another few weeks to months “flipping” them back to fee for service.

    Once everything is finally in place, the patient has a guardian, paysource, Medicaid, etc. We are finally ready to start referring them out to a long term care facility. We have a list of every facility in Nevada. Normally we start by calling all the facilities in Clark County including Boulder City, Mesquite and Pahrump. Once in a great while, we get lucky and someone has a bed. However, most of the time, I hear the same thing “no Medicaid beds” “no long term care beds”. If by chance they do have a bed, they take a look at these patients and see that they are homeless, alcoholics, drug addicts and cigarette smokers and they deny the patient. I also have the admissions people saying things like “we can not accommodate this patient or we can not provide the care they need”. Most of the patients are non-medical, mostly dementia and pose no threat. Most of these patients have been here on average of 7-10 months and have not smoked, drank or used drugs since they came in. One place even stated that he doesn’t want to deal with the guardians office.

    After we try everything locally, we start looking in the rural areas and Northern Nevada where we get the same type of denials. Once we have exhausted the list for Nevada, we then have to apply to the Long Term Support Services RN in Carson City to start looking out of state. However, if they have a guardian, we must also have the guardian go before the judge to get permission to take the patient to another state. This often takes another 6 to 8 weeks on average.

    Once that hurdle is clear and we are given the go ahead, I basically get the same answer from the out of state facilities that are on the list. There are 19 that are contracted with Nevada Medicaid, but when I call these facilities, they tell me they can’t take the patients or they don’t have beds and they are also facing a crisis with their own people as well as Nevada.

    This is exhausting, frustrating work. These patients are taking up almost a year in an acute care bed and running up bills in excess of $100,000 +. These are people who can’t live alone any longer. Most would be able to go to group homes, except they don’t have the money and the program through Medicaid to place them in group homes has a waiting list of close to a year. Also, there are at least three, maybe more of the long term facilities in Las Vegas that are no longer excepting long term care patients. They are turning their facilities into short term rehabs. I don’t know how many beds that we are losing, but with a bed shortage in the first place, it’s now a crisis situation.

    I need to know what the State of Nevada is going to do about this? We can’t have demented, non-medical patients take up acute care medical beds. Hospitals are being pushed and shoved around to spends hundreds of dollars without being reimbursed. Medicaid pays only 3 months retroactivley, but what about the other 6-9 months? We get nothing.

    We are in crisis here. I need your assistance in waging this war to either have Medicaid pay more as they are for mental health patients, or to open a long term care facility run by the state and county, if need be to house these individuals. Not only is this an issue for us who can go home at night, but to be a person with dementia, have no home and to be left in a hospital for months at a time, it isn’t right. I hate to see these people who, after being here for so long, that if a bed is found we all of the sudden take them away from the staff and others they know and place them in a strange environment. How scary that would be. I wouldn’t want my parent to have to go through that as it is horribly traumatic.

    I hope you don’t toss this on a “to do” pile. Today is the day something needs to be done. We all know about our baby boomers situation. This is not going to get better, and in fact, get much, much worse if we don’t do something today.


    Sharon Braun-Pope, LSW, BSW

  • Beezy Tobiasson
    commented 2015-08-18 09:31:51 -0700
    Good morning James,

    Just a note to let you know my pen that you gave me just ran out of ink…..( can you believe it).

    We still have your Christmas tree. Thanks for supporting the Old Logandale School.

    Hope all is going well for you and your family, tell your sweet wife" Hi" for me .
    Love, Beezy
  • Linda Parra
    commented 2015-06-10 09:39:15 -0700
    James, I commend you for your recent rational vote in the Nevada Legislate supporting Governor Sandoval’s budget. I appreciate the thought & struggle you went through to take the unpopular stand with your® constituents. You did the right thing and exactly what you should have done as our representative. I am a self proclaimed moderate (aka, rational) Liberal. Educated & experienced in Director level business management in a Global high-tech company….so, no stooge here! If you need help here in good ‘ole Pahrump to help support your position with my fellow townsfolk, contact me! I have already been a staunch, verbal supporter of your vote on this issue on social media/newspaper response forums. James, I recognize smart when I see it. Congratulations on doing the right thing, and only real option you had, for us. Run again, & you’ll likely be the first® I will ever have voted for in my life!
  • Yolanda Von Tobel
    commented 2015-05-30 10:51:16 -0700
    You should be ashamed of yourself for supporting Governors tax hike on small business .

    You are a sell out and have no moral voracity . Change political parties you deserve to be a democrat ! See if you can take looking at yourself in the mirror each morning !

    You sell out !
  • Lee and Elnora White
    commented 2015-05-11 19:56:33 -0700
    Hi James, Your constituents would support the assembly passing legislation similar to Tennessee which restricts state moneys being spent enforcing Federal gun laws. This is certainly a state function and should return to the states.
  • D B
    commented 2015-04-22 10:19:27 -0700
    Please oppose AB190. Mr. Kirner says that current members of PERS will not be affected by AB190. However, as a current contributor to PERS, I cannot disagree more. On the contrary, AB 190 not only affects current and future PERS participants, specifically, it will send potential educators running for the hills.

    I am a single parent raising a four year old child. I have a desire for my child have a great Nevada education. My child’s Nevada education will be sorely compromised if our fine educators leave Nevada because our sound and wonderful current PERS program is gutted away. Current and future teachers, as well as thousands of PERS participants alike, draw smaller salaries working in the public sector. However, in return, we have wonderful retirement benefits through PERS – as we do not contribute to Social Security. If AB 190 is passed, we could potentially lose our wonderful current and future educators.

    Further, I would not be able to survive on an additional 5 to 8% salary reduction (which only accounts for the first two years alone), on my current salary of less than $49k per year.

    As a State worker, I’ve had six years of salary reductions, freezes, increases to health insurance premiums, increases to health insurance costs, furloughs, longevity pay freezes and now possibly the elimination of longevity pay. My PERS retirement is literally the only benefit left that has not yet been revoked.

    Thank you and please oppose AB190.
  • Gary Marchinke
    commented 2015-04-14 19:53:42 -0700
    Dear Assemblyman James Oscarson; Butch Borasky and I are organizing an event, REMEMBERING IAN DEUTCH. .Sunday, April 26th will be the 5th anniversary of his tragic shooting and death. On that day we will be meeting at Ian Deutch Memorial Park, at 8PM. Sheriff Wehrly, Butch Borasky, and Detective Eric Murphy will speak. I would greatly appreciate it if you could come and join them. Thank you for your honorable service, and keep up the good work. Gary – 513-1667.
  • Debra Howard
    commented 2015-04-11 15:27:38 -0700
  • david pawlyshyn
    commented 2015-04-09 12:48:23 -0700
  • Patricia Hegland
    commented 2015-04-06 11:59:51 -0700
  • Dwight Lily
    commented 2015-03-04 07:10:17 -0800
    The domestic well owners need your help with the state division of water resources and Nye county officials. Our legal right to draw up to two acre feet of water has been affected by the refusal of the state water engineer to force speculators in Nye county to prove beneficial use on water rights they are sitting. The county has recklessly allowed for the over development of the valley. It is the duty of our elected officials to oversee abuses such as this and mitigate them. Please help.

    Dwight Lilly
  • Shanda Hammar
    commented 2015-03-01 16:54:44 -0800
    I am writing to urge you to not support Randy Kirner’s bill AB190. Nevada’s public retirement system is a major draw for educators to come to Nevada and it is currently a great program and changing it to a defined contribution program will lead to the ultimate deterioration of the successful program that it currently is and put it’s success in jeopardy. Please do not support AB190 and continue to support the public employees of Nevada.
  • Dwight Lily
    commented 2015-02-21 08:05:31 -0800

    Hi James,

    I thought you might be interested in some comments made in this interview. It deals with the water issues, and groundwater management plan being formulated.

    Dwight Lilly
  • Linda Riggert
    commented 2015-02-08 15:19:52 -0800
    I am against bills 65 and 81. I want Jason King removed from office. Obama and the EPA can go to blazes. Leave Pahrump alone. Pahrump is mostly retired people and has slow growth. Why are they picking on Pahrump? Las Vegas is squandering water. Las Vegas is the one that needs to conserve water. Private wells and the owner’s water usage is NONE OF THE F**KING GOVERNMENT’S BUSINESS!!!!!!!!
  • Cynthia Droge
    commented 2015-02-05 07:42:20 -0800
    I believe that the measles vaccine needs to be mandated. If it is not mandated, then individuals need to start suing the parents who refuse to immunize their children when their children spread the disease and cause severe consequences to unborn children and others who cannot take the vaccine. Maybe the parents would look at it differently if it hit their pocketbook. I think the people who refuse to have their children vaccinated against measles are just ignorant because there is NO scientific evidence that supports their view. They are infringing on others rights. Thank you.
  • Vickie McClary
    commented 2014-11-08 14:20:54 -0800
    We are demanding answers as to why our commissioners 1st choice for the marijuana dispensary was ignored. The town of Pahrump has lost out once again. Why was this given to a Reno Group, when our 1st choice was for someone who already has ties to this community and gives relentlessly. We want answers.
  • Ruth Johnson
    commented 2014-11-04 13:58:01 -0800
    Good luck today!
  • Vicki Wendt
    commented 2014-10-20 10:31:32 -0700
    Hello James. Congratulations on your stature in the political community. I relocated from Overton, Nevada to Las Vegas. I saw Bree in Overton a couple months ago. She looks good. Tell your wife I said hello. Vicki Wendt
  • Kyle Smith
    commented 2014-10-15 11:44:02 -0700
    My name is Kyle Smith and I see you are currently running for office and getting ready for election day. We are the Las Vegas Legends Pro Indoor Soccer Team and we would love for you to come out and be a vendor at one of our games. With election time right around the corner I’m sure you will be making your rounds speaking with more voters and what better way to have your presence shown than a sporting event right here in town. Our next game is October 26th and is a Halloween Costume Day for all and we would love if you came as a vendor and also give out candy to the kids in the community! Please let me know if you are interested.

    PS . Here is the season promo video to view!

  • Bonnie McDaniel
    commented 2014-10-04 08:03:19 -0700
    We are having a meet and greet for all candidates that want to come meet the people on Saturday, October 11, from 4-6 PM in the 6500 block of Casada Way, 89107. I know this is a last minute invite but we would love to have you come and meet the people in and around this area. Everyone is invited from Las Vegas and Clark County. If you would please RSVP so that we know how many tables we need for the candidates it would be great. Please tell everyone to come. Hope you can make it.
  • Susan Davenport, Treasurer, NCDCC
    commented 2014-08-10 11:17:56 -0700
    I believe you were in touch with Don Rust about purchasing an ad in our program booklet for our annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner. The last thing I heard was that you wished to purchase the inside front cover which at that time was snot available. Would you be interested in purchasing an inside full page? Other options, half-page, quarter-page, are also available. Please let me know ASAP as the deadline for ad submission is Friday, August 15th.
  • Carol Bird
    commented 2014-08-04 12:17:58 -0700
    I am writing to you today to see if anyone in government is at all interested in fixing Nevada Health Link. I signed up with the Exchange last year and I’ve had nothing but problems with the Exchange. I want to go on record as saying I have no issues with my insurance company or the fact that insurance was mandated. As I am a Cancer patient, I need affordable, good health care. I am receiving that now in my HMO.

    My problem is this: No one will help me with my account! My Applied Tax Credit is not being properly applied to my account, thus I have a bill of over $4,000 and raising each month. I need someone to manually go into the system and make corrections.

    I opened a case with Nevada Health Link on June 13, 2013. I have had my case expedited to Governor Sandoval’s Special Task Force. They have identified what the error is in my account, but cannot give me any time frame as to when it’s going to be corrected.

    As a Cancer patient, it is very important that I manage my stress daily. I can’t begin to tell you the run around we get on the phone with Nevada Health Link. And the Special Task Force is very understanding, but again, status of my account nor a date when it’s to be fixed is not communicated.

    I can’t believe you expect people to reapply with Nevada Health Link in the Fall of 2014. If you cannot repair damage being done now to my account, why would I want to continue with this Exchange.

    Again I ask the question, does anyone in the State of Nevada have any hopes of this program succeeding with the level of non service being provided. Do I need an attorney to get any results? This anxiety is adding to my current health problems, will you pay my attorney’s fees and doctors fee’s when Nevada Health Link fails me completely?
  • Kate Rowland
    commented 2014-06-07 02:05:19 -0700
    Glad to see a board member of No to Abuse serving Nye County at the state level. Nevada’s future is certainly clear cut with leaders like you to guide it. Congratulations, and much luck with your current campaign.

    Kate Rowland
  • Karen Jensen
    commented 2014-05-16 13:38:33 -0700
    This is the second time I have contacted you concerning this matter and have not received a response. I represent a task force in our community finding the candidates positions on common core. I need to find out your official position and strongly encourage you to oppose it as Nevada has no extra funds to pay for the SBAC testing and so many states have realized that common core is not working. Thank you.
  • Karen Jensen
    commented 2014-04-30 14:53:01 -0700
    Hello. I am a member of a community task force investigating the ramifications of the common core curriculum in our public schools. We are convinced that this curriculum is not an answer to Nevada’s educational problems and is, in fact, making things much worse. I have been in contact with school principal’s, teachers, political figures, and most importantly, mothers,..all who have grave concerns about what is happening in our schools as a result of the implementation of common core. I have been asked to find out what your official stance is on the common core curriculum for the information we will be presenting to our community. Thankfully many political figures have been educating themselves and have officially come out against the common core curriculum. However, we have not seen your stance yet. Please let us know your official stance as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Michelle Wooldridge
    commented 2014-04-23 15:53:04 -0700
    Dear Campaign Manager, Please send me via email Form W-9 for James Oscarson for contribution purposes. If you have any questions, please contact me at (702) 271-3247.


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