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Education in Nevada continues to be critical to the success of our future leaders. Issues such as classroom size, standards and testing requirements remain at the forefront of the discussion. We need to insure the best possible outcomes for our students, and that requires active involvement from parents, administrators and teachers. As a Nevada legislator, James Oscarson is committed to working with all vested groups to make sure their voices are heard.



Nevada's healthcare processes have moved to the forefront of issues in our great State. Access to care continues to be a major challenge in rural communities; James is actively working with the Governor’s office, the Silver State Exchange Administration, physician groups and the Nevada State Insurance Commissioner to see that the needs and concerns of all Nevadans are communicated. As a member of the health care committee during the 77th session, and as member of the interim health care committee, James Oscarson will continue his efforts on behalf of all Nevadans to safeguard affordable, effective and quality health care in all of our communities.



Continuous drought and dry conditions across Nevada require drastic measures to protect our water resources for our residents. James Oscarson continues to work with local, state and federal officials to put together a comprehensive water management plan that promotes common sense approaches to solutions, without infringing on the water rights of individuals. Because all studies must be sent through the legislature, James sponsored a bill, together with other rural legislators, during the 77th session, which would have brought state, local and regional groups together to update the water studies, with all parties in agreement for an open and productive discussion. Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful in passing, but James intends to reintroduce a similar bill during the 78th session in 2015.

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